Sustainable packaging is constantly shifting and evolving with new innovations and industry needs, but most trends can be traced back to the goals and initiatives of a select number of leadership companies. This October at SPC Advance, the SPC will debut its first ever Brand Council, comprised of those leadership companies that “set the agenda.” The Brand Council is representative of companies who have strong internal and public commitments to sustainability. They are innovative, go above and beyond regulations, and engage in collaborative partnerships.

Companies including Unilever and Pepsi, will sit on the Brand Council panel during the Setting the Agenda for Sustainable Packaging session to  discuss what their companies’ are doing to “set the agenda” for sustainable packaging. At this session attendees will hear the perspective of these leaders as they contemplate which future issues are important to the future direction of sustainable packaging. The audience will have the opportunity to participate in this high-level discussion.

SPC Advance offers a precompetitive, collaborative atmosphere for individuals across the value chain to attend working sessions and participate in dialogue that will help shape the future of sustainable packaging. Collectively, we can move sustainable packaging forward.

By Shea Zwerver