Is the packaging industry a poster child for the circular economy or is there more work to be done? Where is the opportunity for the packaging industry? Can the “Circular Economy” help companies bridge the gap between being less bad and developing restorative and regenerative business models?

At SPC Advance 2015 attendees can hear from different thought-leaders on the circular economy as well as how they can get involved in the discussion around these questions and more. On Tuesday, October 6th, SPC Director, Nina Goodrich will host the workshop Advancing the Circular Economy and take the audience through an exploration of the different facets of the circular economy and how their activities fit with this new business paradigm.

During the session Advancing the Circular Economy: Technologies and Innovations attendees can hear about new and developing technologies that will progress sustainable packaging even further. Packaging professionals can learn how to optimize the flow of materials and products throughout the supply chain, translating packaging waste into opportunity.

Additionally, the sessions Two Case Studies of Materiality and Sustainable Packaging and Scaling up Composting in North America will  prompt you to rethink your existing operations, identify risks and costs associated with your products, and consider innovative ways to recover your product. The lineup of speakers and agenda content will provide attendees  with ideas on how to bring the circular economy to business, and lead to setting the sustainability agenda.

By Shea Zwerver