Nike Corporate Campus, Beaverton, OR


Nike’s world headquarters is situated 20 minutes outside of downtown Portland in bucolic Beaverton. SPC Advance attendees will get the unique opportunity to tour the Nike campus and to learn about the sustainability advances that the company has made. Expect to see a lot of sports fields, shrines to professional athletes, and tennis shoes!

Metro Central Station material recovery facility


Witnessing material recovery in progress is essential education for all packaging sustainability professionals. Take part in a guided tour of Recology’s Metro Central Station material recovery facility to learn how Portland sorts and manages its recycling. See how fast-paced manpower and technology work together to divert material from the landfill. Expect to see fast-working hands, and unexpected materials coming down the conveyor belt.


West Linn Paper Company mill

PrintThe West Linn Paper Company is the oldest active paper mill in the western United States. The mill is situated at the foot of the Willamette Falls outside Portland. Through an intensive process, this mill produces paper products that are sent across North America. Expect to see how this mill (situated on an island!) produces larger-than-life wheels of pure, white paper.


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