Composting Workshop

Tuesday, October 17th

Registration starts at 7:15, breakfast will be served at 7:30 and lunch will be served after the workshop

Sessions will begin at 8 am

Speed Dating Workshop: Collaboration for Front-of-House Food Waste Collection

How can we set common goals to work towards the end game of sustainability? Every stakeholder in the composting supply chain has a particular perspective on where efficiencies can be made and the best places to leverage compostable packaging and food serviceware. Let’s apply design thinking to the composting and compostable packaging relationship and speed date through different scenarios to problem solve.  



Description of the 4 stations


Composters and Packaging Producers: Symbiotic Manufacturers

While both compostable packaging producers and composters are manufacturers in the same supply chain, compostable packaging manufacturers are particularly dependent on the operations and existence of compost manufacturers. Despite this significant reliance, the challenges that each manufacturer faces are often discussed in isolation. A panel of stakeholders from both manufacturing sectors unpack the opportunities that the industry can gain from deep collaboration and forging a circular economy.



Price: Free for SPC Advance attendees, $200 to attend the workshop separately from SPC Advance.

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